Simplifying Work

At Hiway, our goal is to simplify work. We focus on empowering HR managers, recruiters and job seekers to do the best work they can today; while our team draws on their extensive experience to build for tomorrow/the future. By running our own agency, we discovered a variety of ways to improve the process of sourcing, matching and managing candidates and vacancies. Keeping that in mind, we specialize in HR solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises, and helping skilled and talented job seekers to find work

Recruitment & HR specialists

More than 15 years of industry experience, contributing to a robust understanding of every aspect of the recruitment process.

Data-driven innovators

Our team comprises blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine-learning enthusiasts that harness the latest developments to create new solutions.

Creative entrepreneurs

Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and passion, we are constantly experimenting and seeking to challenge/improve the current way of working.

Hiway platform

What to expect

Tired of built-in functionalities that you just don't need? - Meet the Hiway platform, an all-in-one human resourcing solution for flexible workforces utilizing the power of modular design and the latest technology.

Hiway gives companies the freedom to customize their HR platform; by focusing on the features that they use, while omitting those that are unneeded. We’re always developing new functionalities and modules to optimally service the flexible workforce industry on top of the current features such as:

list iconSimple administration for companies, workers and freelancerslist iconEasy matchmaking through filters and conditionslist iconLegally binding digital signing of proposals and contract agreementslist iconTimekeeping and expense trackinglist iconDirect invoicinglist iconAutomated payslips and salary payments

All-in-one solution

Handle anything from matchmaking, contract agreements, employee timekeeping to automatic salary payments in one platform


Modular design

With a modular design, you can exclusively focus on the features and tools that your company desires


Easy access

Our platform requires no installations, simply head over to our web-based application on any device to fulfill all your human resource needs

Tired of endlessly scrolling through enormous lists of candidates and companies, opening several windows to compare skills and availability in your matchmaking process and having to leave the platform to set up a contract agreement? At Hiway, managers can arrange everything from efficiently organizing your workforce to automated matchmaking, digital signings, employee timekeeping, automated salary payments, invoicing and many more.

Handling a flexible workforce should be a smooth and effortless process; not a struggle between dozens of HR programs, tools and systems. Hiway offers an all-in-one solution to your human resource management needs. Seamlessly find the ideal candidate for outstanding work with our automated matchmaker, draft contract agreements, digitally handle contract signings and allow your candidates to directly track timesheets and expenses. Consequently, manual processes such as salary payments and invoice management can be automated, all through one platform.

stepsHiway assists you in helping find the ideal candidate for outstanding work; with our automated matchmaker utilizing the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.
presentationGuide your workers, freelancers and hiring companies through the employment process; walking them through the negotiation and digital contract signing for job offers.
magnifyOversee outstanding contracts with weekly timesheets, expense reports and our invoicing module.

At Hiway, we believe that the employment process should be equally enjoyed by all parties. Email correspondence for contracts, timesheets and expense reports as well as the use of a variety of separate HR tools has become a thing of the past. Using our platform, your workers can receive and then sign or decline job offers, within the blink of an eye. Throughout the employment process, workers can return to the platform to log hours in timesheets, declare expenses, view payslips and conduct other such personal administrative tasks.

In most intermediary and hiring companies, internally most practices are handled efficiently and effectively. However, from a worker’s perspective it can feel overwhelming having to deal with different tools and systems to fulfill simple tasks such as signing your contract agreement. Workers no longer have to deal with sending dozens of emails with their signed contracts, timesheets or declared expenses. Simply handle everything within the Hiway platform.

profileGive the workers an opportunity to optimally customize their profile; by sharing their personal details, skills and experiences (in a standardized format)
suitecaseEffectively manage job offers, timesheets, expense reports and payslips, all in one place.
phone-chatMake changes while on-the-go by accessing our web-based platform from any device.

Freelancers are indispensable in a flexible workforce, but are often neglected. While workers are directly attended to, freelancers are expected to take matters into their own hands. Getting jobs through the Hiway platform ensures that freelancers can enjoy similar benefits to workers; in negotiating job offers, easily filing timesheets, expense reports and easily creating invoices directly through the platform. To service a freelancers’ personal administration, we carefully track any worked hours, paid invoices and signed contract agreements.

suitecasePersonal administration made easy; controlling everything from job offers, contract agreements, timesheets, expense reports and invoices in one place.
financeMake changes while on-the-go by accessing our web-based platform from any device.
phone-chatOversee outstanding contracts with weekly timesheets, expense reports and our invoicing module.

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